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How Operations Research and Machine Learning are Reshaping the Aviation Industry - Deepak Agrawal, American Airlines, 04/16/2021

Operations Research and Machine Learning have applications in a wide variety of industries such as supply chain, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing etc. OR and ML touch many aspects of an…

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Primary Research Articles vs. Review Articles

This video discusses the differences between primary research articles (or empirical research articles) and review articles.

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(Re)Designing Information Literacy/Research Assignments

World Cafe Session from July 15th, 2020. Hosted by Carrie Pirmann and Eloise Stevens

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Data Management and Sharing Plans - Grant Writing May Plan 2020

An overview of data management plans and data/resource sharing plans for NSF and NIH grant applications for Bucknell faculty in STEM fields. Presented by Agnes Jasinska, Data Services Specialist, as…

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Searching the Literature in Chemistry

A few tips and pointers on searching for papers in the scientific literature. The use of topic search terms is covered along with sub-searching cited references of papers that are of interest.

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Alan Cheville

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Sue Ellen Henry

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Shamokin Fire History Museum: One Man, One Museum, One Community

Several men discuss their experience with the fire departments in the city of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, and the significance it has had in their lives and in the community. The video is in memory of…

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Choosing the Right Databases for Your Research

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Search Connectors

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