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How Operations Research and Machine Learning are Reshaping the Aviation Industry - Deepak Agrawal, American Airlines, 04/16/2021

Operations Research and Machine Learning have applications in a wide variety of industries such as supply chain, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing etc. OR and ML touch many aspects of an…

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Primary Research Articles vs. Review Articles

This video discusses the differences between primary research articles (or empirical research articles) and review articles.

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(Re)Designing Information Literacy/Research Assignments

World Cafe Session from July 15th, 2020. Hosted by Carrie Pirmann and Eloise Stevens

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Data Management and Sharing Plans - Grant Writing May Plan 2020

An overview of data management plans and data/resource sharing plans for NSF and NIH grant applications for Bucknell faculty in STEM fields. Presented by Agnes Jasinska, Data Services Specialist, as…

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Searching the Literature in Chemistry

A few tips and pointers on searching for papers in the scientific literature. The use of topic search terms is covered along with sub-searching cited references of papers that are of interest.

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Alan Cheville

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Sue Ellen Henry

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Choosing the Right Databases for Your Research

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Search Connectors

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