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"The Right Time" Griffin Miller

Becca Lipsky, Eric Afzelius, Ben Santos, Martha Covo

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Cutting Edge Take 1-Lipsync! -- Knox sample

Lipsynch Battle Film Sample-- sequencing & shots

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2023-01-20 12-08-13 NJK4 3840x2160 30fps

ProMovie shot on Iphone

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shot with ProMovie recorder on IPhone in 400 ISO

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Video of mod construction site

Recorded on ProMovie on iphone

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Mediaspace Features and Use - World Cafe Session Jan 2021

Wes Bernstein reviews features and uses of Mediaspace for media content at Bucknell. This session was recorded On Jan. 19th, 2021 at 3p. and was recorded through ZOOM. Here's the link to the…

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Storymap Series: (5) How to add an immersive section to your storymap

This video shows how to create an immersive section within your storymap to add interactivity and depth to your storymap. Immersive sections can be a powerful tool for helping your reader gain a…

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Storymap Series: (4) How to add an interactive map to your storymap

This video shows how to add an interactive map to your storymap. It also explains how to include legend information so that storymap readers understand what the map symbology means and understand how…

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Storymap Series: (3) How to add captions to your images and include citations for sources

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Storymap Series: (2) How to add an image or looping video to your title page

This video shows how to add a custom image to your title page backdrop. It also shows how you can choose a looping video for the title page backdrop and edit the video URL to specify a start and end…

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Storymap Series: (1) How to open and start editing your storymap template

This video shows how to find your storymap and open it for editing. It also shows simple text edits to the title page and overview sections.

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Map Series: (4) How to visualize thematic map layers using categorical, qualitative or quantitative data variables

This video shows you how to visualize the features in a map layer based on attribute values in their table. For example, you could draw world countries based on a quantitative attribute - for…

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Map Series: (3) How to change basic map layer properties and add map notes

This video shows you how to turn map layers on/off, change basic symbology, rename layers, create & manage labels, reorder layers in the map and add your own annotation to the map in the form of…

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Map Series: (2) How to open a saved map and add new data from Living Atlas

This video shows you how to open saved maps and add new map layers created for your class. It also shows you how to add data from the ESRI Living Atlas, a set of curated map layers from authoritative…

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Map Series: (1) How to create a new map, change basemaps & add layers created for your class

This video shows you how to open a brand new, empty map in ArcGIS Online or open a map created specifically for your class. Other topics covered in this video include adding map layers created for…

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Using the Webcam with ZOOM

Connecting a classroom webcam to the PC or a laptop

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Introduction to Kaltura REACH service - Wes Bernstein Introduction Video

Talking about introducing Kaltura REACH

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Video Basics - World Cafe Session 1

a Zoom recording from the July 15th, 2020 World Cafe session hosted by Wes Bernstein as part of the Remote Learning series for Bucknell faculty. Presentation slides are accessible at the following…

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Janet VanLone - Education

Brian Gockley interviews Janet VanLone to discuss how Janet used FLIPGRID and hybrid models of asynchronous and synchronous teaching to keep a sense of community and communication in her courses…

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DPS Demos - Using Mediaspace's Full Deck Feature

Wes Bernstein reviews the process to use the Full Deck feature within Mediaspace to present PowerPoint or other presentation files dynamically. Learn more by visiting the Kaltura FAQ on the L&IT…

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Using Keynote on iOS for video instruction

Wes Bernstein demonstrates features and tips for using Keynote to record presentations and do annotations through video.

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DPS Demos - Camera Slider and Gorilla Pods

Tseijin Bhotia reviews using the camera slider and gorilla pods to support video movement and stabilizing options.Learn more by visiting Medialab+. Checkout this resource from the Library Equipment…

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