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kaltura test 2

Highlights from the 2021 Faculty Scholarship celebration participants.

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kaltura test

Highlights from the 2021 Faculty Scholarship celebration participants.

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2022 Opening Keynote with Lauren Klein

An opening Keynote presentation by Lauren Klein introduced by Evan Peck. Lauren Klein is Winship Distinguished Research Professor and Associate Professor in the departments of English and…

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Archival Renewal and Inner-City Revitalization: Digital Storytelling Between Campus and Community

Digital scholarship initiatives and movements for library and other archival holdings to reflect diverse voices have created new pathways for community collaboration, restorative narratives, and the…

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Supporting digital scholarship, social justice, and community engagement through the Digital Borderlands Initiative at the University of Arizona

In response to evolving library service models and user needs, the Digital Borderlands initiative at the University of Arizona Libraries (UAL) is exploring strategies for integrating a broad range of…

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Developing Digital Scholars for a Critical and Collaborative Future: The Vivero Digital Fellows Program at Grinnell College

In the Vivero Digital Fellows Program at Grinnell College, digital scholarship intersects with social justice through a commitment to nurturing diversity in digital humanities projects and the…

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Digital Humanities Summer Scholars (DHSS) Program - 2022 Digital Projects

Two Summer Scholars from Lafayette College Libraries’ DHSS program (May 17 – June 24, 2022) present their original digital research projects about race, representation, and the effects of…

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To Tell Her Story: The Rachel Flowers Digital Archive

In 1916, Rachel H. Flowers (1900-1988) became the first African American student to enroll at Messiah Bible School and Missionary Training Home. Known today as Messiah University, Flowers only became…

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Exploring Inclusive and Sustainable Models for Facilitating Collaborative Digital Scholarship Project Development

Week-long intensive project development institutes such as ILiADS (Institute for Liberal Arts Digital Scholarship) and CODEX (Collaborative for Digital Engagement and Experience) have proven to be…

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Immersing Graduate Students in Inclusive Pedagogical Practices at Digital Scholarship Hubs

Multiple disciplines are increasingly embracing digital scholarship in teaching and learning spaces. Digital pedagogy practitioners should engage with a wealth of intersecting positionalities and…

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Designing for Impact: DEIA Social Media Posts for Academic Resources

Social media posts are an easy and effective way to deliver messages to academic audiences. With many institutions moving online during the pandemic, social media became one of the only communication…

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Building a Critical Web Design Toolkit

How do issues like sustainability, accessibility, the global digital divide, and social justice come to play in choices about web development tools? The Critical Web Design Toolkit is a resource for…

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The Gullah Geechee Digital Project: Engagement, Outreach, and Repatriation

This work-in-progress session provides an update on the Gullah Geechee Digital Project, which brings together South Carolina Gullah Geechee archival collections held by the Library of Congress, the…

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Droppin' Science, Droppin' Knowledge

Welcome to the Second Life (SL) “Droppin' Science Museum the Virtual Study Center for Social Justice.” The Droppin' Science Museum hosts inspirational exhibits and special…

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2022-10-19 BUDSC22 Wednesday Keynote with Jessica Marie Johnson

*** Please note, access to this recording will end on April 20th, 2023*** Featured Wednesday Keynote from Jessica Marie Johnson with an introduction by Jaye Austin Williams. Jessica Marie Johnson…

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Back to our Roots Archives, Community, and DH at Gettysburg College

In 2016, Musselman Library's summer DH program started with 3 students working at the intersections of social justice and community archives. In 2022, we found ourselves back at our roots, again…

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The University, Wellness, and Resistance Creative Response to Wartime Incarceration of Japanese American Civilians

Conservatives seek to silence difficult stories about our nation’s past. In June 2022, a Wisconsin school board refused to approve Julie Otsuka’s novel, When the Emperor Was Divine,…

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User Design, Design Thinking, and DH Projects

In this interactive session we present the results of a pilot User Experience Design (UXD) student co-op program co-supervised by the Collaborative Digital Research Space (CDRS) and the Critical…

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Democratizing digital scholarship through library instruction, resources, and engagement

Speakers: Jen Green, Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University Ben Gorham, Case Western Reserve University Erin Smith, Case Western Reserve University Daniela Solomon, Case Western…

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Thank you for attending BUDSC 22

Wrap-up and thank you from the BUDSC 2022 Conference Co-Chairs, Wes Bernstein and Carrie Pirmann.

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Know Systemic Racism in California: What do you know about Oscar Grant?

Know Systemic Racism (KSR) is a project envisioned and led by the inaugural Racial Justice and Social Equity Librarian at Stanford Libraries, Felicia Smith, to make systemic racism evident. The…

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Lowcountry Digital History Initiative Public History Written with and for the Region

The Lowcountry Digital History Initiative (LDHI) is a digital public history platform based in the College of Charleston Libraries that was initiated because the public, including tourism industry…

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